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St. Louis Earth Day

Being Green & Environmental Responsible

At Eye on Design we focus on sustainable design and energy efficiency.  Window treatments can be beautiful, hard working and eco-friendly.  As a member of the executive council for the Home Builders Association Green Building Council, we work to help provide the community with information regarding green building and design practices.  In our business every day, we work diligently to recycle, reuse or repurpose 95% of our waste.  Despite our receipt of approximately three material deliveries a day, operation of a full-time fabrication shop and removal of more than approx. 25 existing window treatments each week from the homes of our clients, we manage to generate only one 15 gallon bag of kitchen and office refuse every week.

Environmentally Friendly Window Treatments

8 questions to consider, if you would like to be a little bit “greener” when purchasing window treatments and other products for your home.  Utilize these considerations to help define the “green” value for each of the products you are considering.

    1. Will this product increase the energy efficiency of my home?
    2. How many resources will be utilized to bring the product from the point of fabrication to my home?
    3. Does this product have a lifespan of at least 10 years?
    4. Is this product manufactured from recycled products or recyclable at the end of its lifetime?
    5. Does this product require the use of chemicals to be maintained throughout its lifetime?
    6. Will this product protect other products within my house and increase their lifespan?
    7. Will this product enhance natural light in my home and reduce my need for electrical lighting?
    8. Does this product include VOC’s that will negatively affect the quality of the air in my home?

Window treatment R-Values – Something to consider

If energy conservation in your home is important then heat loss and gain through your windows is an area to focus on as you begin compare different window treatments.  The R-Value is the measurement that relates the ability of any material to prevent the movement of heat through its structure which is important at the window.  At Eye on Design, we offer a complimentary consultation to help you sort out the relative R-values of a variety of treatments.  Please be warned that some of our competitors include the R-Value of the window itself combined with the advertised R-Value for the product.  Because different windows have different R-Values, this practice is deceiving and does not allow a home owner to compare different products from different manuafacturers independent of the windows they are hung on.  We have found one of the larger national retailers and a major window treatment manufacturer to be guilty of this practice.  To protect yourself and obtain accurate information that you can use in your comparitive studies, please make sure that you ask for the R-Value of the product itself, independent of any R-Value associated with the window it is hung on.  Ask us about U-Values too.  They relate to the ability of a material to reflect light and heat out of the home.