A Beautiful Headboard can Back up your Bedroom Design 

June 24th, 2017
A Beautiful Headboard can Back up your Bedroom Design 

It’s often the first thing people notice when they walk into your boudoir.

Making your bedroom a calming oasis has many aspects. The most important design element is the bed, and often the most noticeable thing about your bed is the headboard! That’s why it’s smart to focus on a headboard – and possibly a complementary footboard –  when you design your bedroom look.

A headboard can command attention and add beauty or it can be so subtle that it almost disappears into the background. The choice is yours. Headboards (and footboards) come in many different materials, sizes and styles. Plan your headboard to complement the rest of the furniture in the room.

Think about the size of your bedroom to make sure your headboard is the right scale.
A large or tall room will need a substantial headboard, while a small room needs a headboard
in a smaller size.

Headboards can be made from many materials or a combination, including wood, leather, iron, brass and bronze. Upholstered headboards are quite popular today, and can be designed to look tailored and modern, with sharp, square corners, or feminine and soft with rounded shapes.

You might decide not to even have a headboard. Instead you can embellish the wall behind your bed with artwork, shelves, a hanging tapestry or a large Asian fan. Or think about using lots and lots of pillows standing upright on your bed as a substitute for a headboard.

Add a beautiful back-up to your bedroom decorating plan this season with a new headboard! It’s the first thing people will notice.

THE THREAD ~ VELVET FABRICS ~ Pile Fiber Characteristics are Key

October 3rd, 2016



Warm up your Windows

October 3rd, 2016

Warm up your Windows

By Mary Carol Garrity


I have fallen back in love with window coverings. Do you remember when we covered our windows in big, heavy drapes? I was not a fan. Then, as people grew tired of all that fussy finery, we gravitated toward clean, simple coverings like blinds and plantation shutters, or left our windows unadorned. Now, I think we’ve found our happy place right in the middle. Whether it’s a drape with a simple pinch pleat that breaks on the floor just like a man’s trousers, or a tailored Roman shade, today’s window treatments bring charm and character to a space without overwhelming it, adding that perfect finishing touch to a well-decorated room.

Make them personal
Window coverings can be like art, a focal point of a space. When our daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Britt, moved into their home, they did some major renovations, including creating a sensational kitchen. The window coverings, simple and striking, play a starring role in the beautiful space.

We’re seeing lots and lots of interesting trim on shades and panels now. And Kelly’s kitchen is a great example of how something as simple as an intriguing black outline on cream fabric can make your jaw drop. The crown jewel of this kitchen? The monogrammed shade. When I went to the fabric market this winter, I was wowed by the new looks in trims. Among my favorites were the variations on the classic Greek key pattern.

Add layers of interest
Customers often ask me if it’s OK to add window panels over other window coverings, like Roman shades, woven coverings like matchstick blinds, or plantation shutters. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Everyone has a different color quotient, but I am over the moon about the bold choice to layer two complimentary but very different fabrics together on a window. The panels give pizazz to the room all day long, but in the evening, when the shades come down, the room is extra special.

For years in my home, I resisted adding fabric treatments to my living room windows. I was pretty happy with the look of my plantation shutters and I was worried curtains would accentuate the irregular window spacing in my old house and make the room feel darker. But drawn by irrepressible desire to always add gorgeous new textiles to my rooms, I decided to go for it. To make sure I allowed in all the natural light possible, I hung the panels on the outsides of the windows. The addition of the curtain panels, a soft blue floral finished with a green flange, warmed up the room so much, I was sorry I had waited so many years.

Do you have blinds or shutters that you still like? Leave them up! Just finish them off with panels.

If your windows are bare, what about woven shades, like matchstick blinds or bamboo shades? These simple, rustic beauties even look at home in formal room.

Variations on a pretty palette
When I worked with my friends Julie and Mark on their country dream house, they wanted to create a family home that was filled with color and patterns. They landed on a palette of gray and yellow for a number of the rooms, telling the story through one beautiful window covering after another.

In their living room, the floor-to-ceiling windows got a zip of pattern, thanks to sensational Roman shades. The pattern is bold but, done in a palette of soft grays and yellows, it supports the design choices in the room, accenting without overwhelming.

The charming color palette of gray and yellow continues in the master bedroom. Once again, Julie selected a stunning combination of fabrics to bring the colors to life and make the room truly unique.

The floral fabric used in the panels featured had sweet embroidered centers.

I’m a big fan of the time-honored cafe curtain. Simple and sweet, these timeless treatments do an excellent job of allowing natural light into a room, yet provide privacy. Julie went with a darling black and cream toile for the curtains, an unassuming treatment that lets your eyes drink in the fabulous coral ceilings. If my laundry room looked like this, I might do the wash more often!

This article was adapted from Mary Carol Garrity’s blog at She can be reached at Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

The Importance of Proper Window Treatment Installation

April 18th, 2016


Many customers underestimate the importance of proper window treatment installation and attempt to install their new, custom treatments on their own. We recommend opting for professional measuring and installation services for a variety of reasons. These services are similar to an inexpensive insurance policy in that they ensure the fit and look of your window treatment is gorgeous.

Professional Measuring

There is often more to consider than the length and width of your window when it comes to measuring for installation. A few reasons to incur the modest fee of investing in this service are:

  • Architectural feature accommodation will be kept in mind – doors, radiators, moldings, etc.
  • Exact measurements will be taken.
  • Window treatments will be fitted in conjunction with valences and cornices to be sure everything functions properly.
  • Existing drapery rods will be evaluated.
  • If new drapery rods and support brackets are needed, there will be a plan for installation and advice on any additional hardware that may be needed.

Professional Installation

Window treatments are heavy, and when you have to hold 30 pounds of fabric panels while balancing on a 12-foot ladder while trying to adjust sharp pins, it can be quite difficult to execute correctly. Hiring professionals to install your custom drapery ensures the process goes quickly and smoothly. Reasons to splurge on this service include:

  • Installers are specialists, and they have been trained to do this job.
  • Installers know the tricks and hold the tools to make your window treatments look beautiful.
  • Installers have the skills to be confident that the weight of the treatment is properly supported.
  • Care will be taken to protect woodwork.
  • Installers will steam and dress draperies and shades.

What are Hybrid Shutters?

March 15th, 2016

New-Style-02Over the last few years, we’ve all heard about hybrid cars, hybrid flowers, and hybrid bicycles… but have you heard of a hybrid shutter? A hybrid shutter is a shutter that has the classic look of a traditional wood shutter with more industrially advanced materials.

Simply put, a hybrid shutter is part wood and part modern, composite material. In terms of its mechanism, this window treatment is nearly identical to a plantation shutter, and consists of louvers that adjust with a connective pullbar. The main difference between the two options is the building material. Plantation shutters are generally made of 100 percent wood, and hybrid shutters are a combination of wood and faux shutter material. Hybrid style and size options tend to be a bit more limited than full wood shutters, but more than likely, your needs can be met by a hybrid model. Hybrid shutters are also often much less expensive than solid wood shutters, allowing you to save a fair amount of money on window treatments.

A hybrid shutter model will afford you the same benefits as a plantation shutter, including sun protection, light control and added privacy. Plus they come with a stylish look and savings on energy costs. To learn more about our shutter selection, visit


The Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Treatments

March 2nd, 2016

Window treatments and coverings can do more than just tie a room together. The proper selection can actually reduce both heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Paired with adequately calked and weather-stripped windows, window treatments can reduce electricity costs and generate power. Check out some of the ways different types of treatments can be functional and fashionable.

Interior Blinds

Window blinds come with both horizontal and vertical slats, and each of these variations is effective when it comes to beating the summer heat.

Unlike shades, blinds offer flexibility in the summer, because you have the option to adjust the slats to control the amount of light and ventilation that you let in. They can also be adjusted to direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling which will diffuse light without much heat or glare. On a sunny day, blinds have the ability to reduce heat gain by 45%.



While it can be difficult to generalize a drapery’s energy efficiency due to the wide variety on the market, there are several factors that play into drapery’s ability to reduce heat loss and gain. Among factors to consider are fabric type (closed or open weave) and color.

During summer days, it is a good idea to close draperies that receive direct sunlight. Some studies have shown that medium colored draperies with white-plastic backing can reduce heat gain by nearly 33%. Alternatively, when the weather is cold, conventional drawn draperies can reduce heat loss by up to 10%. Considering this, you should close all draperies at night during winter months.


Surprisingly, window shades can be one of the simplest and most effective window treatments for energy efficiency. In fact, dual shades that can be reversed with the change of season provide for the greatest efficiency when the reflective surface faces the warmest side. The caveat here is that they need to be drawn all day to be effective. Additionally, shades should be mounted as close to the glass as possible in order to create a sealed air space.


Exterior shutters should be integrated into your homes architecture and may provide the best source of insulation. Most exterior shutters have operating systems that allow control from indoors which encourages daily use.

Louvered shutters work best to keep out the summer heat. They allow ventilation and block some direct radiation while still allowing natural light to enter a room. Solid shutters, on the other hand, protect against the winter cold and summer heat. Solid shutters are insulators consisting of wood panels, a vapor barrier and sometimes a decorative covering. Fitted properly, they provide an air space between the shutter and window. Roll-down metal shutters are great for protection but aren’t that efficient when it comes to saving energy.

Several other products that we offer have energy saving abilities.To learn more about our energy efficient window treatments, check out our stock which include a full line of Hunter Douglas products, blinds, drapery, shades, shutters, sheers and top treatments.


The Perfect Bed Does Not Come in a Bag.

September 18th, 2015

The perfect bed does not come in a bag. It’s custom made for you. It is luxurious, inviting and romantic. It makes the bedroom a retreat from the cares of the world.  If bed therapy is needed, there’s simply no substitute for custom bedding.  Here’s why:

PERFECT BEDCustom bedding will fit perfectly – With all the variety in bed and mattress dimensions, it’s a challenge to find bedding that fits. Our bedspreads, comforters, duvets and bed skirts are made for your bed.

Custom bedding and drapery is made in fabrics you love – You don’t have to settle for cheap fabrics from big box stores, or catalog ensembles with 16 fabrics and pillows.

Custom bedding will complement your custom window treatments and other furnishings in your room – perfectly.

It is made just the way you like it –

Wether you want Euro shams for reading in bed, or a reversible duvet, we’ll make everything to your preference. We can add trimmings, banding or other dressmaker details to make your bedding unique.

Eye on Design sets the standard for customization of your home. Our custom bedding is beautifully crafted – We’re obsessed with quality, form the number of stiches per inch to the choices of fill weight in a comforter.

At Eye on Design we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of providing premium window treatments and bedding to homes in the St. Louis region with a one of kind Custom Drapery and Bedding Sale from August 15 – November 15, 2015.

Visit their newly renovated Gallery in historic downtown Belleville at 309 East Main and choose from over 5000 fabrics samples and let our desingers help create your dream room.

Or call us at 618.257.9750 for your free in home consultation and we will bring our expertise to your home and help you select the perfect custom bedding and window treatment for you.

Choosing Colors For Your Home

February 13th, 2015

The interior design guide to coloring your home

  • Colour may be one of the pillars of design, but that doesn’t make its use any less complex.
  • Different tones can convey particular emotions, and choosing the right palette can add immense value to a project.

This great infographic by Studio 55 explores where best to use certain colours, such as the subtle use of blue spectrum light to promote alertness. Although largely focused on designing for the home, the information could prove useful for interior designers in public, commercial and educational applications as well.

Reprinted from WCAA newsletter February 11, 2015

Odd Shaped Windows? Let us help!

January 22nd, 2015

Peculiar shaped windows? No problem! Eye On Design will work with you to solve all your window treatment needs.

Shutters installed in Columbia, IL.

Shutter 2Shutter 1


Mock Roman Valance in Springfield, IL

November 7th, 2014
Mock  Roman Valances

Roman Valances

Check out these custom made Mock Roman Valances!

Eye On Design just installed these in Springfield, Illinois.

What can Eye On Design do for you?