Design / Build

If you are building a custom home, Eye on Design can help you design quality window treatments that reflect your style and are engineered perfectly to perform beautifully in your new home.

At Eye on Design you will find partners with the expertise you need to make educated decisions about window treatments and other interior finishes.  Time spent planning with a window treatment professional can save you money and last minute frustrations.  We will not only help you identify the window treatments that will meet your design goals and budget requirements for each room of the house but we will also help you identify the structural elements that need to be in place for the most successful installation of those treatments.

Some of the items we will discuss with you or your home builder are; floor vents, wall switches, jamb depth, tilt-in window specifications, window controls, window placement within the wall space, outlet orientation, pre-wiring requirements for motorization, casement details, etc.

Energy consultations are available to interested clients of Eye on Design.  We can help you understand which products will work best to control heat loss and heat gain at the window and those window treatments that will work best for each elevation of the house.  There are many conflicting resources with regard to the energy efficiency of window treatment.  We will help you separate fact from fiction.

We look forward to partnering with you early into your project to increase the chances of achieving 100% success after installation.  Please call ahead to schedule a complimentary consultation with Jennaver in our gallery location, your home or your builder’s office.