The Importance of Proper Window Treatment Installation


Many customers underestimate the importance of proper window treatment installation and attempt to install their new, custom treatments on their own. We recommend opting for professional measuring and installation services for a variety of reasons. These services are similar to an inexpensive insurance policy in that they ensure the fit and look of your window treatment is gorgeous.

Professional Measuring

There is often more to consider than the length and width of your window when it comes to measuring for installation. A few reasons to incur the modest fee of investing in this service are:

  • Architectural feature accommodation will be kept in mind – doors, radiators, moldings, etc.
  • Exact measurements will be taken.
  • Window treatments will be fitted in conjunction with valences and cornices to be sure everything functions properly.
  • Existing drapery rods will be evaluated.
  • If new drapery rods and support brackets are needed, there will be a plan for installation and advice on any additional hardware that may be needed.

Professional Installation

Window treatments are heavy, and when you have to hold 30 pounds of fabric panels while balancing on a 12-foot ladder while trying to adjust sharp pins, it can be quite difficult to execute correctly. Hiring professionals to install your custom drapery ensures the process goes quickly and smoothly. Reasons to splurge on this service include:

  • Installers are specialists, and they have been trained to do this job.
  • Installers know the tricks and hold the tools to make your window treatments look beautiful.
  • Installers have the skills to be confident that the weight of the treatment is properly supported.
  • Care will be taken to protect woodwork.
  • Installers will steam and dress draperies and shades.

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