What are Hybrid Shutters?

New-Style-02Over the last few years, we’ve all heard about hybrid cars, hybrid flowers, and hybrid bicycles… but have you heard of a hybrid shutter? A hybrid shutter is a shutter that has the classic look of a traditional wood shutter with more industrially advanced materials.

Simply put, a hybrid shutter is part wood and part modern, composite material. In terms of its mechanism, this window treatment is nearly identical to a plantation shutter, and consists of louvers that adjust with a connective pullbar. The main difference between the two options is the building material. Plantation shutters are generally made of 100 percent wood, and hybrid shutters are a combination of wood and faux shutter material. Hybrid style and size options tend to be a bit more limited than full wood shutters, but more than likely, your needs can be met by a hybrid model. Hybrid shutters are also often much less expensive than solid wood shutters, allowing you to save a fair amount of money on window treatments.

A hybrid shutter model will afford you the same benefits as a plantation shutter, including sun protection, light control and added privacy. Plus they come with a stylish look and savings on energy costs. To learn more about our shutter selection, visit http://www.eod4u.com/residential/products/window-treatments/shutters.


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